FIWARE Lab NL is the Dutch innovation playground for the European open cloud platform FIWARE. FIWARE provides a simple yet powerful set of APIs and standard building tools that accelerate and ease the development of Smart Applications and make them reusable. These tools are all open source and available for any developer.

The first FIWARE Lab in the Netherlands

In FIWARE Lab NL developers can freely use and experiment with FIWARE’s data centre facilities (unique in Europe!) and standard building tools. It offers an online platform on which people can find information, share knowledge and watch how-to-use videos, and also an offline platform for organising meetings and events for developers that like to build an application based on FIWARE. Furthermore, developers meet each other in the lab, so the best ideas could spring to life and innovation gets started.

FIWARE Lab NL is initiated by a consortium consisting of Deloitte, Civity, Elba-Rec, Onetrail and Xcellent. The Province of Utrecht supports this investment in the innovation infrastructure. FIWARE Lab NL is located in Utrecht and Amersfoort.

FIWARE Lab NL for developers
FIWARE Lab NL offers developers several generic data sources and building tools for free. Because these tools are available in one place – Utrecht – and in one language – FIWARE – the development time of new applications is considerably shorter than before. Also you meet other developers online or face-to-face at events, which leads to the most exciting new ideas! Click the button for success stories or watch the video.

FIWARE Lab NL for municipalities FIWARE Lab NL is a safe environment for municipalities to let developers come up with the best applications for local, regional and national purposes. The developments and data in FIWARE Lab NL are reusable and scalable to challenges worldwide. FIWARE is developed according to EU directives.

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Data, especially open data, is of growing importance for the realisation of smart applications. On a yearly basis the amount of data is growing by 40 percent, and it became the fourth pillar of our economy (after labour, capital and natural resources) during the last decade. It can be seen as one of the main resources that is needed for innovation.

Combining and using different data sources lead to better informed decision making, targeted investments and increased efficiency among local governments and municipalities. However, because data sources often have a lack of quality and it cannot be guaranteed they are up-to-date, sustainable solutions are often blocked.

FIWARE Lab NL therefore decided to not only offer APIs and building tools, but also make data sources and tools freely available for users of the platform. By using these facilities, generic data-related problems can be solved in a generic way, instead of developing individual solutions. FIWARE Lab NL will unlock several new data sources derived from private and public parties. Thereby it focusses on directly applicable data of high quality.


To make use of the online platform of the FIWARE Lab NL you first have to sign up. Make your online account by filling in the form below.

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FIWARE Lab NL is both a digital and a physical platform. Therefore we organise several events, workshops, and meetings throughout the year. During these events you get in touch with other developers using the generic APIs, tools and data sources FIWARE offers. Also, you get to share knowledge, learn from each other, discover possibilities of the platform and gain experience on how to use it. During the events new ideas spring to life.

Upcoming meetings
Events for 2016 are being planned right now. Upcoming meetings will appear here.


We will offer (financial) support for the first launching customers using FIWARE Lab NL. We help them in making a requirements analysis for their digital app, in discovering all the possibilities of the FIWARE platform, and in finding the right partners to work together with. And especially for public parties that develop a new product using FIWARE Lab NL, we offer financial resources that can be used for either a Proof of Concept or a Design Process.

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How to sign up

  1. Read the information here
  2. Fill in the application form for the Proof of Concept Call or the Design Process Call
  3. Add a presentation of your product pitch in which you present your idea in a couple of slides
  4. Mail your request to info@fiware-lab.nl before the 29th of January
  5. Participants receive a message by two weeks after the call closes


Our team is always available to tell you more about the benefits and possibilities that FIWARE Lab NL offers. Please contact us at info@fiware-lab.nl or fill in the contact form:

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